MF Ghost review

MF Ghost review. Certainly, allow me to provide you with an insightful analysis of MF Ghost:

MF Ghost represents a Japanese manga opus penned and illustrated by the talented Shuichi Shigeno. It stands as a direct successor to the renowned manga saga known as Initial D. At its narrative core, MF Ghost unravels the journey of Kanata Ageha, a budding virtuoso behind the wheel who harbors aspirations of ascending to the pinnacle of global motorsport supremacy.

Critics have lavished praise upon this manga for its meticulous depiction of automotive aesthetics, pulse-pounding race sequences that exude exhilaration, and an all-encompassing aura of wistful nostalgia. However, it has not been immune to censure, particularly in terms of its dearth of innovative storytelling and an inclination toward pandering to fan sensibilities.

In totality, MF Ghost proves to be an entertaining literary expedition tailor-made for aficionados of the racing manga genre. While it may not attain the lofty heights of its predecessor, Initial D, it retains an allure that demands exploration.

Let us delve further into an examination of the merits and demerits of MF Ghost:


  1. Elaborate Automotive Artistry
  2. Thrilling Race Sequences
  3. Evocative Nostalgia
  4. Intriguing Character Portrayals
  5. A Heterogeneous Array of Racing Enthusiasts


  1. Derivative Narrative
  2. Inclination Toward Fan Gratification
  3. Deliberate Narrative Pacing
  4. Narrative Lacunae

In summary, I would bestow upon MF Ghost a commendable rating of 7 out of 10. It stands as a commendable manga, albeit in the shadow of Initial D’s towering legacy. For those who harbor a passion for racing manga, it undoubtedly warrants perusal.

Allow me to share some additional reflections on MF Ghost:

The manga masterfully encapsulates the pulsating dynamism of the motorsport arena. The races are orchestrated with finesse, delivering a relentless and adrenaline-inducing narrative cadence. Furthermore, the automotive illustrations within are nothing short of exquisite.

The character development is another laudable aspect, evoking a genuine emotional investment in their endeavors on the racing circuit. The reader is invariably compelled to champion their cause.

Nonetheless, it is incumbent upon me to acknowledge the manga’s susceptibility to the shackles of its predecessor’s influence, resulting in a narrative that occasionally fails to attain the zenith of engagement.

To conclude, MF Ghost stands as a commendable addition to the realm of manga, yet it exists within the towering shadow of Initial D. Those who harbor a fervor for racing manga will find it a compelling pursuit.

Story about MF Ghost

Sure, here is a story set in the world of MF Ghost:

The year is 202X. Internal combustion engine-based cars are basically extinct in Japan, but there is still a small group of enthusiasts who keep them alive. These enthusiasts are members of the MF Ghost racing organization, which hosts illegal street races all over the country.

One of the most promising young drivers in MF Ghost is Kanata Katagiri. Kanata is a Japanese-British teenager who grew up in England. He learned to race from his father, who was a professional driver. Kanata came to Japan to join MF Ghost and to find his father, who has gone missing.

Kanata’s first race in MF Ghost is against a veteran driver named Shun Amagasaki. Shun is driving a Porsche 911 GT3, while Kanata is driving a Toyota GR86. The race is close, but Kanata is able to win by a narrow margin.

Kanata’s victory makes him a star in the world of MF Ghost. He is soon challenged by other top drivers, including Ren Saionji, a young woman who is driving a Ferrari 488 GTB. Kanata also faces competition from his own team members, including Ogata, a former professional driver who is now Kanata’s mechanic.

As Kanata continues to race, he learns more about his father’s past. He also learns more about the dark side of MF Ghost, which is involved in illegal gambling and drug trafficking. Kanata must decide whether he wants to stay in MF Ghost or leave it behind.

In the end, Kanata decides to stay in MF Ghost and to fight against the corruption that is within the organization. He believes that MF Ghost can be a force for good in the world, and he wants to help make it that way.

Kanata’s story is one of determination and perseverance. He is a young man who is chasing his dreams, even in the face of adversity. He is a reminder that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.tuneshareGoogle it

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